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Case Study: Logo Design Process for MRP Contracting

Logo design excites me because it condenses a company’s identity into one symbol. I find it fascinating how a logo represents a brand’s values and individuality. Nowadays, more people are recognizing the significance of logo design in shaping their identity.

A carefully crafted logo becomes central to a brand’s image, aiding in recognition and connection with its audience. It’s truly satisfying to see a logo come to life after a design process that involves meticulous attention to detail, numerous revisions, and brainstorming sessions. This success fuels my motivation and commitment to the design process, supporting me to keep going.

In our recent project with MRP Contracting, we followed a comprehensive logo design process that ensured we captured the essence of the brand while creating a unique and effective logo. Here’s a step-by-step look at how we achieved this:

  • Research and Discovery:
    Understanding the brand, its values, target audience, and visual specifications was crucial. They provided the necessary information and logo style inspiration, which we used as a starting point. We then conducted further research to align our ideas with the brand’s identity.
  • Conceptualization:
    Based on the research, we created initial sketches and concepts. This stage involved exploring different ideas and visual styles and refining the best ones. We made a few mock-ups based on the research process. After review, Josh provided new design ideas that integrated the company name and shield shape. We experimented with many options, including letters only and letters combined with the shield. Sharing these initial sketches was supportive and opened up new design possibilities.
  • Design and Refinement:
    In this part of the process, we particularly enjoyed refining the design to ensure it perfectly represented the client’s brand. After incorporating the new concept, we made a few mock-ups for both versions: one with typography and one with the symbolic version using letters and the shield, along with colors and detailed elements. I found it exciting to use space creatively in the letter “P” to incorporate a triangle and an upward arrow to represent the company’s values.
  • Feedback and Iteration:
    After sharing the mock-ups, we received feedback that the client liked the upward arrow used in negative space and wanted to integrate it with the typography logo they had approved. From here, we refined the design with suggestions from Josh, and we finalized it.
  • Finalization and Delivery:
    Finally, we delivered the complete logo package in various formats for different applications, ensuring it was ready for use in both print and digital media.

Working on this project with Josh was a rewarding and exciting experience, allowing us to utilize our skills and creativity to develop a logo that effectively represents the client’s brand. This process not only reinforced the importance of each stage in logo design but also highlighted the collaborative effort required to achieve the best results. Thank you, Josh, for patiently bringing out the best from me during this process. I enjoyed the Design and refinement process with feedback and iteration the most.

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