Audio Production

Naaman Creative delivers high-end, professional and customized audio to help further grow your business, brand, and outreach.

Naaman Creative’s Custom Audio Production orchestrates sounds that make your business resonate uniquely, setting it apart from the competition!

From custom intros, outros, music scores, background music, commercial audio, full songs, audio editing, and podcast production, our audio services are essential to build businesses. Quality audio production enables more effective communication, engagement, and brand recognition. Incorporating custom audio content into marketing strategies allows businesses to connect intimately with their audience, fostering strong relationships and brand loyalty.

Custom Intros & Outros

Documentary & Film Scores

Premium Audio Editing

Commercial Background Music

Full Song Production

Full Podcast Production

Naaman Creative Audio Production Features:

Our audio team is extremely talented and experienced with extensive expertise in audio production, engineering, and custom song creation.

The Naaman Creative Audio Division possess a wide range of skills, including audio mixing, sound design, voiceover work, music composition, and turnkey podcast production. With technical proficiency and creative flair, our team delivers exceptional audio services to our clients.

Our audio production services include high-quality music for commercials, podcast production, background music, film and documentary scores, and voiceovers. We ensure that every project is meticulously crafted to meet the unique needs and objectives of our clients, resulting in compelling and engaging audio content that resonates with target audiences.

Custom Music and Audio Samples

Our diverse range of compositions and sonic creations caters to a variety of businesses and industries. Whether you're a business, filmmaker, content creator, podcaster, or seeking captivating soundscapes, our custom audio productions allows you to orchestrate a high end, tailored product that resonates with your target audience, goals, and vision.

Custom Audio Branding for CenturyGoal

We brought the CenturyGoal logo and brand to life with this highly strategized animation, which includes custom music that was written, recorded, and produced to match this upbeat, energetic, and professional brand that is dedicated to transforming the healthcare industry.

The Naaman Creative Podcast Production

The Naaman Creative Audio Division produces our own podcast covering business, art, music, creativity and entrepreneurship. We interview brilliant minds, explore their fascinating journeys, innovative ideas, and impressive accomplishments from all sorts of industries. Listen to Episode 1 here:

The Custom Audio Creation Process

As a comprehensive audio production services provider, the Naaman Creative Audio Division offers tailored solutions for sound design, mixing, and mastering that will enhance your sonic creations, elevate your brand, and give you a competitive advantage in the industry.


Outlining the creative direction, target audience, technical considerations, and project scope to effectively guide the production.


Preliminary audio samples are created to conceptualize possibilities and refine the intended product before full-scale production.


Client has an opportunity for feedback and evaluation, fostering an iterative dialogue to ensure alignment with project expectations.


All elements of the production are polished, refined, and mixed resulting in a cohesive and high-quality audio file ready for distribution.

Client Testimonials

"We hired Naaman Creative earlier this year and they have been highly reliable, and true experts. Definitely recommend considering Naaman to manage your marketing needs."
Valencia Realty Capital
Stephen Smeke
"Naaman Creative did an amazing job bringing our vision to life. They were able to create a site that completely matched our brand aesthetic."
Bespoke Pro Designs Naaman Client
Bespoke Pro Designs
Carrie Cass Roth
"Naaman Creative assisted with improving our logo, designing a brochure, and creating presentation materials. Josh was extremely responsive to all of my needs."
Douglas Jackson
The Law Firm of Douglas Jacksonn

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