The Naaman Creative Podcast Marketing & Promotion Checklist

1. Embed episodes on your websites directly
  • Create a separate page for your podcast episodes
  • Click Share > Embed on any episode to grab the code for this
2. Add new episodes to your email newsletters
3. Ask your guests to share the episode they are on
  • Create an email template that you can use to send each of your guests after their episode releases
4. Share each episode on all of your social media accounts
  • Share audio snippets
  • Share featured quotes in a graphic
5. Use Headliner App (free) to create audio snippets of your episodes to share
6. Share episodes in specific groups you are a part of that are related to the content and topics of your episodes
7. Tease your upcoming episodes before they release
  • Take a photo during each interview and share a “behind the scenes” picture
  • Selfies with you and your guest
  • Share the credentials of your upcoming guest

8. Host a giveaway for listeners who participate in some way to enter
9. Create a contest around your episodes – hide easter eggs
10. Pitch your episodes to particular media outlets
  • Real Estate, LGBTQ+, Mortgage, Business, Coaching, Marketing, Networking, Leadership, other Podcast Platforms and Channels
11. Ask directly for feedback on your episodes
12. Ask consistently for reviews of the podcast
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  • Comment

  • Subscribe

  • Rate

  • Share

13. Be a guest on other podcasts