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Dive into the captivating world of business, art, music, creativity and entrepreneurship. Join us as we interview brilliant minds, exploring their fascinating journeys, innovative ideas, and impressive accomplishments from all sorts of industries.


15: Life as a Police Officer & the Transition to Business (w/ Nyk Harper)

In this episode we talk to Nyk Harper, former Police Officer turned Loan Officer, about his wild stories and heroic tales from his time as a cop. We explore the challenges of this important job, the need for a strong mindset, police training, violence in the US, gun control, and the unique resilience required to navigate the complexities of police work. Join us as we dig deep into the intersection of law enforcement, personal growth, and how his skills gained in policing offer a unique perspective on entrepreneurship.

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14: Financial Freedom & the Growth Mindset (w/ Dan Westfall)

In this episode we talk to Dan Westfall, Financial Planner and Founder of Client Focused Financial, about the relationship between money and happiness, investing, growth mindset, running a business, effective networking, friendship, family, retirement, education, long-term planning, and practical tips to help anyone achieve financial freedom.

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13: The Power of Positivity, Peace & Family (w/ Nana)

In this special episode Josh interviews his grandmother, Nana, about her life, lessons on family, kindness, and peace, and discovers how these values helped shape Naaman Creative. This intimate conversation highlights the enduring impact of family bonds, emphasizes the joy of doing what you love, and explores timeless wisdom from a life well-lived. Join us in celebrating family, love, and the pursuit of happiness across generations.

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11: Being Santa & Everything Else (w/ Nile Nickel)

In our 1st Holiday Special we have Santa Claus in the studio! We talk to the man behind the beard, Nile Nickel, about the joy of being one of the most beloved icons on the planet, the unique intricacy of working with children, how he juggles his many entrepreneurial endeavors outside of the North Pole, and how he stays merry throughout the year. All that and more in this exciting and heart warming interview with jolly old St. Nick(el)!

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