03: Meaning and Music (w/ Discord Theory)

In this episode we discuss what it’s like to be in an up and coming band, the song writing process, and the business behind the music with this week’s guest, Discord Theory.

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Oh, right now, right

oh, here we go. Here we go. Thank you guys for coming seriously. I told myself, I’m gonna try not to fanboy, although, like that’s the whole point of this. So kind Yeah, I know you Lou, because I was looking for a new band, and I was like, hey, these I heard that these guys, Discord theory, needed a new drummer, and I looked you guys up, and I’m like, Oh, my God, no way. And then I realized, actually, I don’t think I can play that music, but we were able to play in another band, and that was an awesome experience. So I’m just so grateful to have met you and like through him meeting you, Steven here, it’s the coolest thing. You guys are, like one of my favorite local bands and bands in general, not just because of your music, but I know you at a deeper level now, and there’s something special to like, the quality of you guys as humans, and the quality of your music so

well, that goes both ways, man, that’s why we’re here, and thank you for having us. Yeah,

heck yeah. I want to start out because I don’t even know, like, how did you guys meet and how did you become a band?

He started the band a little while before I was kind of introduced to the project, and it’s been through several iterations, you know, members kind of in and out, this, that and the other. But I like, when did you actually like because, well, take it away, Lou,

essentially, the band started as, like, kind of the fallout of my previous band, and I still had a lot of songs that I really enjoyed and but I used to have a lead singer in the other band, and I was more like the CO vocalist type, but everybody would always tell me, like, oh man, you should sing your songs. You write the songs. It’s better when you sing them. Why you having someone else sing them? So I finally took that to heart and started a project where I would be more of the lead singer. And then I was like, man, lead singing is hard. So I asked Steven to sing with me too. So no, but essentially, our other band member, Anthony. He was bass player and a long time friend of mine. He was working with Steven at Starbucks, and then he introduced us, and we’re looking for another guitar player. And it quickly. We me and him quickly hit it off through, like, movies, comic books, jokes, you know, and laughing our butts off all the time. And then I heard him sing, and I was like, Dude, I don’t care about sharing the spotlight. You got to sing with me too, like you have a great voice. Let’s do it together. And ever since, it’s been a fun ride. Yeah, that’s about the beginning. So

I, I, every time I listen to you guys, I’m always impressed by the shared vocals. I love that. It’s like, there’s several bands that come to mind, but like, Taking Back Sunday does a really cool job of, yeah, it’s

like, huge influence.

It’s not just one person. It’s like, it makes the songs so much more dynamic and so much more fun. And you guys have great compliments to each other. We

have very different voices. Louis, I mean, you could hear him when he talks. He sounds like a Suave Hispanic man, very raspy and whatnot, and I sound like a chipmunk. So it’s like, you know, for whatever reason, those two things blend very nicely together, and that’s fun. A

lot of layering and that you can do over vocals and a lot of perspective stuff that I really enjoy doing, as far as, like trying to tell a story through the songs, and kind of having another voice to kind of personify that other perspective through the lyrics. I really always thought that was cool, and something we try to do a lot. Absolutely,

yeah, I noticed over time, listening to you guys that your songs are more story esque, and having that extra dynamic adds to the story. It’s just like two characters rather than one main character. Yeah, that’s so cool. I wanted to ask, What year was this that you formed your band? So

I don’t really count the band officially being started until Steven joined, and he joined in the about early summer 2017 but I was already kind of starting working on the songs with Anthony and a couple other people that we kind of had to go in and out around late 2016 but then, yeah, like I said, when they start materializing. So Stephen joined in the summer of 2017 Sure,

and you, you had mentioned that, like you guys hit it off. Personally, I’ve always known every single band I’ve been in, every first off the music realm I haven’t met met many bad people. It’s always there’s always these shared, common interests, and people are so genuine, you almost have to be in order to do it right, or else you’re really going down a. A bad path. So it’s cool to hear that you guys hit it off, and then you’re like, Well, you can sing, you know, it’s just, yeah, it’s a it’s it, it’s so common, and yet, only in music, I think, or the art realm, it’s the most common, you know, business and other things. It’s just different realm. That’s why I love music. It’s so authentic and it’s universal. Absolutely,

I would say you can tell when it’s not authentic. You know, it really shows, whether it’s in the music or, you know, the quote, unquote branding, or whatever you want to say, it always comes off when it disingenuous. So something we also try to do, for better or worse, sometimes try to be ourselves as much as we can in the content. You know,

you don’t go wrong. And honestly, just like in life, if you’re trying to be two different people, have fun with that. Yeah, yeah. Also another thing, I mean, I have my theories, no pun intended, about what your band name means, but I want to hear it from the horse’s mouth,

the story, the story, story, the

saga. Do we even know? Basically

not. We do that’s just kind of always when we’re starting the band, and it was more like me and Anthony before Stephen kind of joined the picture. We’re just trying to throw in words that kind of describe the band in a way that was very important to me. Like, when you hear the band name, it describes the band in some way. So we have a lot of try to throw a lot of curveballs as far as styles and tempos and dynamics in the songs. So we’re kind of name shopping different words, and those two just kind of clicked, and we thought it sounded cool, and we liked Lincoln Park. So, you know,

it’s also kind of like the idea of, like, we all come from different musical backgrounds that, in theory, probably shouldn’t work together, and that’s where the discord comes in. But somehow it does. So I think that’s kind of where it really starts to fall into place.

That’s awesome. It really that’s honestly for, in my personal opinion. That’s where art and music, that’s where it’s at, where you because you’re, you know, you’re all painting five dudes or four dudes, or however many people are in the band are painting one painting, you know, it’s like, that painting gets really cool and dynamic once all these different flavors are added. It can get plain and bland if we’re all the same, yep. So, yeah, it’s there’s something special to it. You guys capture that so well. You know, hopefully by the end of this episode, people will go right to Spotify or whatever they listen to and check you guys out, because they’ll know all of this will resonate. I mean, there’s no doubt. I want to ask early on, I’m curious about your process of writing songs, you know, so like, what’s the birth of the idea? And then how do you guys hash through the, you know, sifting through the ideas of that one song, and come to a conclusion? How’s that process look like?

Well, either I or Steven will come up with some kind of foundation to the song, and then I’ll usually take inspiration and how the music actually makes me feel or sound to kind of write some vocal melodies and some structure to the songs, and then I bring it to the guys, and then they kind of help me sift through the mess to make it a full discord theory. So

yeah, a lot of times Lewis has come up with ideas just like him in an acoustic guitar which, like when you hear the full band altogether, you’re like, How in the world does that sound acoustic? That’s how they usually start. And then we kind of start throwing parts together and go, Oh, what if we messed with this part and added in all x, y and z, weird things. And I think that’s kind of where a lot of the charm of music ends up coming from is just what was totally a bare bones as simple as could be song, and then all of a sudden, all right, now we’ve got probably, like, one of the best bassists in Tampa throwing his will like wild licks all over everything. And then I come from a jazz background, so I’m like thinking very melodically, and he is totally into more of the post hardcore world and everything like that. So kind of throwing everything together, and then, you know, having a drummer start, start throwing out, what if we put a breakdown under that part and went half time here, and it’s like, All right, now we’re talking but, you know, it all started out as, like a very like singer, songwriting bedroom, almost like bedroom pop kind of deal. At

first, we really try to keep it as variables as possible, as a good way to put it in, especially me, when I do have like, an idea for a song, like, back in some of my older projects, I might have been like, All right, here’s what the lead guitar is going to do, and here’s what the bass line is going to do. But working with Steven and Anthony, who’s not here, and whatever drummer we’re working at at the time it’s, I really just want to hear what their takes on the song is going to be too. And don’t get me wrong, there are times where I’m like, Well, I did have an idea for the bass lad. Maybe we could do something like or the guitar part, but it really I try to see what everybody else comes and then that usually inspires me to come up with something even greater, or something else, or I. Know, more singing ideas, or whatever

that’s that’s where the magic is on anything collaborative, like if one person’s trying to control it all, usually you’re not exploiting the potential of that, that thing, in this case, a song. Once you bring three different people’s perspective, and you’re right, Anthony is a monster on bass. Yes, it’s usually I focus on the drummer pretty much every show, but I every time I watch you guys. I mean, I can’t stop looking at you guys. But man, do I gravitate towards Anthony.

He’s a beast. He’s

unreal. It’s like he’s just flowing in. His parts are extremely complex.

He’s gonna be so mad at us for this whole little moment that’s happening right now, because he’s so like, stop, stop, stop, stop, all the time. And we’re like, No, dude, like, you need to understand that. Like, you are one of the best at your craft. And he just like, no part of our sound, yeah, absolutely,
yeah. Well, yeah, you all add something very special to it. It’s funny how humble, as as people get better, people get more humble, and that that shows his character. That’s why I’m sure it’s wonderful to work with Anthony. Oh, absolutely. But it’s really cool when he has his keyboard in front of him and he’s playing with his right hand and tapping on the base with his left is like, Dude,

we didn’t even ask him to do that too. He’s just like, Well, I think I can. And we’re like, brood dude, if you can’t do it, it’s all right. He’s like, no, no, no, no, I think I can do it. It’s funny. I don’t know if it’s in some people’s blood, but I played with a really great guy, Eric, in my band called The band Alexander in Indiana, and he was our bassist, and he played keyboard as well, and he insisted on doing the same thing in certain parts. He’s like, No, I think I can, I think I can do it. I’m like, live. He’s like, Yeah, yeah. And he did, Dude, that’s awesome, yeah. Our other guitarist played one show with a broken hand. He played in a cast and soloed. It was the cook. That’s one of the things that

I love. About art and music, or just like the whole human experience, is seeing, like, the ambition of wanting to do something and then being like, Alright, I’m gonna figure out how to do it. You know, that’s a huge motto I hold to myself into the band. It’s like, whatever we want to do, and we think we want to do, we’re gonna do it. Maybe not yet, but we’ll get there

absolutely. That’s, that’s the only way you progress. But also, I think, you know, if you watch discord theory on stage, or pm Tiger, or any, any band that’s proficient, and they make it look easy, but my goodness, how difficult it is to get to that point. You know, in art, like, people don’t see all of the failures and the wrong notes that are played before you guys ironed it out on stage,

as so much trial and error that goes into everything and just constantly flubbing something. And then the worst of it is when you almost get to that point of, like, maybe we shouldn’t do this, like, this whole idea that we have right now, and like, you’re about to scratch it, and then someone’s like, let’s try one more time. And then it almost comes together, and then it re sparks it again. That happens a lot. That’s a beautiful thing. Yeah,

the ambition sometimes can get to your, like, having so many minds or so many open ideas, but I really think it’s when you can, like, find the compromise. Can be hard, sometimes, trust, especially for me sometimes, but I’m always more excited about the new, fresher idea that came from everybody than just like the solo idea, 100%

speaking of compromise. How do you because I’ve heard, I I heard this quote, and I never forgot it, that art is never finished. It’s just abandoned. One

of my favorite quotes of all time. Yeah,

so how do you say all right, we’re done with this song. We need to record it.

Yeah, we we set the scheduling dates, and so now you’re kind, you are joking, but you’re sometimes, sometimes it does happen like that, but we definitely try to take a put an extra time to make sure we feel satisfied before we go in there. I don’t know, man, it’s a tough feeling.

You definitely know when, at least personally, like when you’re not happy with what you’re playing, even if it’s just your part. And I feel like when everyone’s happy with what they’re playing and it sounds cohesive. And a lot of times we’ll take these songs, you know, we’ll play them live a little bit before we go to record them, and if we get a decent amount of relatively positive feedback from it, that’s usually indicators of, like, you know what? I think we’re in a good spot with this, and it’s time to start focusing on other things too.

I guess for me, it’s more when there’s, there’s like, a certain feeling of euphoria that I get when I feel like a song, it’s like at its most hype, or like it’s really portraying the sentiment that I envisioned, or that I’m hoping that it portrays. So I guess when I feel like it’s truly hit those feelings, that’s when I feel satisfied with it. But then stuff will happen. I’ll be like, Oh, I like what you’re doing, Steven. But then we’ll get into the studio and be like, Oh, this thing just sparked. And you know, you gotta save a little room for experimentation in the studio,

too wildly guilty of writing my parts. You wear cooler parts like in the studio when it’s crunch time. I’m like, wait a minute, I just had this really cool idea. Let me figure it out real quick. There’s

nothing wrong with that. Honestly, that’s a beautiful thing about the process, is that it’s open, if you are open to that, and that’s why you guys make even more magic. My band, I referenced them earlier, the band, Alexander, when we were in the studio recording our first EP. Our guitarist, Chris, who actually worked on websites with us, on name and create, which is really cool. He helps us, you know, he moonlights and and helps us. He’s, he’s awesome. Chris theater, shout out to you. And he’s the guy who played within a cast. So he’s the legend and, but we, he was just noodling around when, because we, we all recorded at the same time, which was cool in different rooms for for those four songs. It was awesome. I want to always do that. It was so cool. There’s something raw about that. And then you feed off each other’s energy in that moment, it comes through in the recording. I

would love to do a record like that one day. One of my favorite bands of sino Smith, was their first few records. They said it was for budgetary reasons, but I think it’s just because they liked it. But they did their first few records that did all the band recording live, and then they would just do the vocals later.

Oh, yeah, sweet, yeah, that we did the vocals later. Yeah, that was the only thing. And yeah, backup vocals and some percussion,

you know, yeah, maybe added a little extra third guitar stuff, but yeah, you do like the bulk of it. And there is some magic to creating that magic in that room, in that moment, and something about that take that you can never like, take away better word for

me as a drummer, I was able to feed truly off that energy in that moment. Because sometimes it’s harder when you’re alone and everybody’s just like, very familiar, yeah, but now it’s like, my best friend, yeah, click, absolutely. But to finish that part, the producer was behind the glass, and Chris was just noodling around, and just like getting warmed up in between takes, and the producer was like, hey, what were you just playing there? Play that that could be the bridge. Because we had a bridge, and it changed the entire song, as far as the bridge. And it was, it’s super duper cool. That’s awesome. Yeah? It was way better. And it wasn’t even us who decided this is going to be the new bridge. It came from externally, someone else hearing that was badass. Yeah, do that. What if you did that at the bridge, and we were all like, oh, and boom.

That’s the coolest thing when you have like a producer too, that like feels like another member in the band, that like is comfortable like adding their own input, and like understands your vision too, that there’s nothing better than that. 100% it like adds to the creative environment.

And just like the producer so important Absolutely.

And it was like two days it was it was a Saturday and a Sunday all day. It was like, we lived there, yeah? And so we kind of, it was like a mini family for two days, and we didn’t leave, you know? It was just, it’s so special when you do that. And it’s cool because we can look back on that album. You remember all those times I remember him noodling, and then where that bridge came from, where, how we all crowded around a mic to do the haze, yeah, you know, and things like that. It’s just it never leaves you.

And the beautiful thing is that that scared through the music, and then other people create their own memories and experience from it. It’s a beautiful journey not to get on whatever it was

I’m crying, literally tears in a good mood.

Oh, good. That’s what it’s about. It’s, I mean, that is truly what music is about. Like, I’m sure, I guarantee it 1,000% someone has listened to your music and cried their eyes out that being being connected. Thank

you. It was me, but,

like, this is gold. Never heard anything more perfect. I’m

like, Oh my God. I feel these things that I wrote so good. This guy really knows me.

All right. I want to dig into some stuff. So it’s great being in a band. It’s, it’s so rewarding. But with like, high reward, there’s there’s lows. And I just wanted to, like, kind of talk about what are some of the most difficult parts of being in a band, being in a collective, you know, group that works on one painting together with five brushes. That’s

your nice way of asking for the dirt, bro,

the dirt. What’s the worst part of being in discord?

No, you want to take it, Steven,

I would say one of the hardest parts of like being in a band is all of the things that come along that have nothing to do with music. Like being in a band, you’re not just a musician, you’re a model, you’re a photographer, you’re a videographer, you’re a spokesperson, you’re a you’re the marketing team, you’re. Everything all at the same time, and that sucks, just to put it bluntly, like having to take on all of these different roles when you just want to make music. Yeah, like, literally, the whole reason we did this because we like music and like jamming and hanging out and drinking when we’re all together and whatever, I would say, social media is probably the the hardest thing overall, and trying to, like, put out a I don’t like, almost like a visual product that is not representative of the music, but is still, like, relating to as many people as you can, and having to have, like, a whole social media presence and being this wacky, like, you know, I’m this guy on the internet, and that’s hard, because it’s already like, you know, I don’t act like the way I am right now on stage, I’m significantly worse on stage, and you’re always like a heightened version of yourself, but you need to be a completely different version of yourself on social media, posting any sort of like, video content, like we filmed some stuff today, to announce some things that are Coming up and whatnot. And, you know, it’s like, what? How are we going to make this different than what everybody else is doing? We all just sit there in like, silence for 10 minutes think about, like, what’s a unique idea, and that’s

giving away all our secrets, bro, the secrets of struggling. Yeah, all our behind

the scenes, how we make the sauce? Yeah, we just continue

these ideas just come out of us. We don’t have to worry about them at all. We’re perfect. Oh yeah, yes, yeah, that for me, personally, I think that’s probably the most difficult thing is, and like, also just coming up with, like, visual art that represents the music as well. Oh, what are we going to do for the album art? For this? What are we going to do for the single art? We need new T shirt design ideas. And it’s like, Oh, my God. Like, what are these lyrics mean to you? What do they mean to you? How do we try to make everybody’s ideas all get represented in this art? That’s where it really starts to get difficult, because we’re all musicians, trying to think like every other type of artist that is not a musician and marketing people. That’s at least, that’s for me. I don’t know about

you, oh, for a personal journey of the band, it’s really been like, you know, even with our first drummer through now we’ve, we don’t have any drummer problems now, because we don’t really have a drummer.

We’re single right now. Is Lewis.

But you know, it’s just fine, finding hard, finding someone that sees the vision of what we have and just wants to put the same amount of work, it’s hard to always not find that, just with drummers, but even with peer bands that want to work with you, or promoters, or just in the industry in general, just trying to find people that are on the same page as you and trying to have the same vibe. And I don’t know, but we’re all just trying to help each other, and not in a I’m trying to get something out of you way, or that’s the stuff that I really care about, and I feel like it’s difficult for me, because I just want to help everybody. So, you know, not that I’ve gotten stabbed in the back or anything, but it is just like, you know, yeah, it just can be a lot sometimes,

yeah, that’s why it’s so important to find genuine people. Yeah, who you you connect with, because you’re going to go on a ride and a half. Oh, yeah, together. But also, what you mentioned, like wearing all of the hats, you know, for me, on the on the I’m connected with music, but I’m thinking also on the business side of things, and being maybe not a startup now, but starting up, you have to wear so many hats, like I was doing my books at one point I was I was working on every aspect of production while making sure that I was invoicing on time. And I got to get some invoices out tonight. But it’s like, it’s ridiculous, and that also is a testament to like you have genuine care in what you’re doing. There’s a there’s a serious passion with what you do, because otherwise you’d be like, Ah, this is too hard. I’m gonna just like, chill. Yeah, do something else. I’ve noticed that. I mean Jordan and his band and so many

we’re allowed to talk about Jordan,

but really it’s like it’s admirable when you watch people chugging through because there is so much time it takes to build up to actually be successful in the music realm. That’s why so many people don’t make it. It’s a grind, but you have to have that passion, have the right people that you connect with along the way, otherwise it’s going to be really extra difficult. So I mean, at least you’re enjoying yourselves along the way. And I mean, from what you guys are doing, it’s it’s successful, there’s no doubt about it. And it’s only up from from here, yeah, but I am a fan of what you guys do on social media. Like, you always have clever videos and stuff. It’s really cool. We

try to be as unique and, like, just entertaining as possible. Like,

what do we want to watch? Because we like movies a lie. We like, you know, whatever, comic books, anime, all the. Stuff. So I don’t know. I always try to think of like, what do I want to see? What would, what would we be laughing about? And, yeah, absolutely. And how do we film it? I’m lucky to have Steven, because he’s really good at filming stuff. So yeah,

they’re, they’re well done. Thanks. Yeah, I

do them with my phone.

You can do with your phone. I know, right, crazy. I still, like, I browse the web on my laptop. I can’t be doing research on my phone. I gotta, I gotta see it.

Bigger screen, big screen. Yeah,

yeah. I basically just like, Steven, here are my ideas. How do we get these shots?

I want to do this video, and then, and then he just, like, stares at me, and I’m like, Oh, so it’s my idea. Now I got it. Okay? So

I want us to be on the moon, and then I want us to be in a spaceship, then we’re landing, then it’s like we don’t have the budget for that.

Find it. Find the budget. Come on.

Hey, what’s up? We are pm Tiger. Hope you’re enjoying the discord theory episode. Make sure to check out our album. Eight ways from dire straits. They’re the homies.

Hey. And tune in to episode seven, where we get to talk to the naman about our songwriting process, our practices, exclusive content and so much more.

And make sure to stream our brand new single Coming out August 30, called Mr Big Shot. We are pm Tiger. You. It,

now that we got the worst part about it. What’s your favorite part about being in discord? Theory? The

faint No, honestly, being with my boys. I know that sounds so cliche and just so dorky, but like, I love these dudes so much. And like, Lewis kind of just taken a Shush, I did that earlier. Uh, Louis just kind of like taking a, uh, a stab at me, knowing nothing about me, just based off of, like Anthony going, like, I’ll work with this dude that plays guitar. And like, I had never been in a rock band before or anything like that, so it was kind of new for me, too. And like, now we’re, we’re all the bestest of friends, and we get to write music together and play shows and travel the country and stuff like. It’s a lot of work, but like, honestly, they make it worthwhile. I’m crying again. No, for me,

couldn’t make me cry. Everything you said is definitely plus for me just to throw something different, but I was gonna say, Yeah, sure. Now for me, it’s really the fulfilling experience, one of the live performance of it all coming together, putting all those hours making sure everything’s clicking, the little extra stuff where we’re like, oh, I’ll just all jump like this here, or like, I’m gonna throw my guitar in the air for no reason here and that stuff, but also in the recording experience is really fulfilling for me, watching, which goes to the live performance too, but watching something that didn’t exist anywhere in anyone’s mind before, till you walked into that studio and you recorded it that day, and then you created something that nobody else could have created except everybody that was in that room.

Yeah, that’s the beauty of art in general, is you’ve literally created something that was not there before that nobody else could have made, because it’s in your heads, it’s in your talents, in your fingers, it’s in your vocal cords. It’s something super special about that. But I couldn’t agree more that, like, even, even with this business, like the people that I surround myself with and work with, that’s the most important thing. Same with my clients, I’ve turned down clients and partnerships. Like, now we’re all friends. That’s so important because, like, what are we doing in life? Like, I’m just gonna have a bad time all day. Yeah, screw that. No, it’s super

important, even from like, the creative aspect, to like, if you don’t gel well with the people that you’re working with, like you’re never gonna create a product that you’re fully happy with. And like, if you’re fully if you’re not fully happy with it, like, how do you expect other people to feel? Like, I don’t know. I don’t exactly know how to put this into words, but like, I wouldn’t feel comfortable putting out a product that I would on other people to try to resonate with,

almost like, how can you get excited? How can other people get excited about your part? Your part? If,

yeah, absolutely, that’s what I’m trying to say,

yeah, yeah. And people can see through that now, like, there’s so much fluff out there, especially now you’re like, can I feel that? Are there hearts in it? And even if you’re starting to feel that, then the answer is likely no, especially if you’re the one doing it, you should probably rethink your inks. Yeah, 100% Yeah. In the comments say what movie that is from? Gonna have to rethink my inks on this one. Do you guys know that? What

was the reference? Again? Hint is Chris Farley

man, yeah,

I never gone too deep into Chris Farley outsider, like, you know the ones with David Kennedy. Is that his name? David Spade,

David people over here? Yeah, I

like. Yeah, I don’t say on their career. It’s just been a minute they haven’t made a good movie I like, so I’m kind of blanking on the name. Well,

there’s gold back, yeah. I mean, that’s really hard to live up to right.

Now, more about the Seth Rogen crew. All right, I moved on. I’ve grown up more sophisticated. Now.

I watched Seth Rogen. It’s way more sophisticated.

Have you guys, I seen that show platonic. It’s pretty good on Apple TV. Plus sponsored this episode, sponsored by Apple TV. Plus, make sure you go check out platonic immediately canceled. Starring says broken and Rose. Burn dude. Wow.

Cut it. Cut it. No. Honestly, Apple TV is putting out great stuff. Silo is a great show. Have you seen that severance? That

was another really good one. I watch a lot of stuff. Even they’re like, not as good stuff, it’s still slightly better than, like, a lot of other places. You know what I mean, stylistically

too. You can, especially with severance and Silo, you can almost tell that it’s made by Apple Yeah, like their design, their esthetic, goes all over. And for me, like being a branding geek, I’m like, Oh yeah, you’re scratching my itch from just like my legs going. I’m like, if

you guys know that in movies, if you’re a bad guy, you’re not allowed to use Apple products. You have to use Android only. Good guys have Apple products and movies and TV shows. So is that real? Are you making this? I promise you look it up. And then sometimes that’s even spoiled movies or like, characters being a bad guy, because they’d be like, Oh, he’s not using an iPhone. That must mean they’re gonna probably turn into being a bad guy. And, yeah,

you just spoiled every movie in the future for Yeah, but it’s so

we have iPhones, just to clear it up,

honestly, we’ve got we’re surrounded by Mac in here, but, yeah, okay, I got to know this one. Yeah. And there’s two parts to this question. First part, what is your favorite show that you’ve ever played? And you probably both have a different answer, but just curious about that, favorite show,

I feel like I know your answer to this.

It’s actually kind of funny that I wore this shirt. Yeah, I knew

this was the answer. You go first while I think very hard.

So we got to open up for one of my favorite bands of all time. That’s huge inspiration for me, musically, lyrically, the first band that really made me think about the lyrics deeper and made me want to also write lyrics myself at Bayside, I think it was like 2019 if I remember correctly, they did a contest for bands in each city of their tour that year could compete. And they would went to open up the show in the city, and we entered and rallied all the DT fam, and everybody kept voting every day, and we freaking won. And then we got to open up for them at the Orpheum. Basically sold that show. Great experience, just even getting to play with them. And then we got to talk to Jack, the guitar player a lot, and he was super cool. And then they gave us a huge shout out on stage. It was just a dream come true experience. Honestly, as far as, like, seeing your hard work pay off into something and then something that going back to, like, something about ambitions, like something that I used to tell myself, like when I was a teenager, like one teenager, like, one day I’m gonna play with Bayside and, you know? And it actually happened, yeah,

that is, there’s nothing better than that. I mean, that’s the dream right there. And

I am wearing the bayside shirt from that show, actually. So that’s a funny quinky dink.

All right, I’ve been racking my brain this whole time, and that one’s easily in my top three. Because, again, like the only reason we got to play that show in the first place is because it was open voting by fans of local bands that all the places that Bayside was going to on that tour, they were like, we’re gonna have a local band open each each date based on the votes of the community. So the fact that, like, people went out of their way, their way to, you know, they

were checking for bots too, because my family in Ecuador was voting, and they emailed us about that, and they were like, we see some votes in South America. So it’s had to, like, explain to them that I was from South America and then my family was voting down there,

yeah. So that was, like, a big thing, and I, I’m unbelievably in love with every single person that voted on in our favor. For that, it was such an incredible experience. If I had to throw another one in the hat, though, it would be also 2019 we got to play Gaspar la Music Festival, and that was the first time we ever got to play anything that was considered a festival as a band. And so I need to correct

you, brother, but I do believe it was 2020 just because that’s awesome,

yeah. Andy the Pandy, yeah. So that was, like, the last show that we really, literally

were, like, that weekend, and on Monday, everything was closing down, yeah. So it

was like, you know, we had hit, like, a really high mark in the band, and then all of a sudden, like, full stop. But. Yeah, it was a really, really cool show, being able to play for who, I mean, there were a few 100 people in front of our little stage that we were playing on. Yeah, it was a multi stage festival and everything, but it was so much fun, and getting to see old friends and fans and stuff like that out there, and then a whole bunch of new people were out there as well, and we got to see a bunch of bands that we love out there. It was a really, really cool and fun experience, getting

people being like, where do I know you from? And then I’d be like, well, I played this show. They should like, Oh no, Gasparilla, 2020, I remember. No, that was a great one for sure, very professional. As far as, like, bigger that’s our first festival we played too, and it’s like, just big festival, professionalism. And yeah, I could agree with that, my dude,

that would be cool. I was, I was waiting to hear in my old band that we shared the stage right around the corner down here at Floridian social. Because for me, that was a really special show, because I love that venue like that. Such a cool vibe. The sound is great. There were like, fire dancers and aerial acrobatics after you guys played in between our sets. That was a fun one. So cool. But then, like, I got to play with you guys, you know, share the stage. I’ve literally played in the same band as you Lou, but like, sharing the stage with you guys, that was, that was super special for me. So literally, one of my favorites,

that one was a lot of fun, that that room is so cool. It’s huge, massive room. Yeah, and we

filled it out. It was pretty good. It was nice, pretty good showing, for

sure, that room’s hard to fill so, beautiful space, though. Um,

I You had mentioned it earlier. You got some stuff coming up, and by the time that this releases, I believe that thing will have happened, but I believe you have an

album. Are we doing time travel on the podcast? Bro,

let’s go into the future real quick. Thanks so much for listening to our album so far. We are in

session right now. No, you want to? You want to take the lead on this? Oh, I

get to do it. Ooh. Okay, so our date want to see what it means to you. Okay, it means the world crying for the third time. No, our debut full length album is coming out on july 26 it is called eight ways from dire straits. We’ve been working on this album for like, four years, I think four and a half years, maybe covid Put a massive, massive wrench in everything. But through thick and thin, we made it out the other side and continued writing the album and put together a whole bunch of different stuff, and it’s finally it’s happening. Like it’s finally happening. It’s just crazy to think that, like after all this time, this work is finally going to have paid off, and we get to birth this baby together and watch watch her grow up first

full length, which is exciting. You know, it’s very hard as a band, not only to get you know songs that you feel like all these are all really, really good, but also just to even last long enough as a band to get a full length out. So very proud of this moment. I think it’s really everything we want, wanted to say, sound wise, lyric wise, about these last few years of our lives. Musically, like I’m saying, and lyrically, it’s just really all there and happy with Evernote, every word, everything’s been thought out. There isn’t a single thing that we weren’t like, Wait, we didn’t check that out. But not very happy. It’s very much about finding yourself in a hard world, or just where people might tell you you can’t do things, and it’s believing that you

can. Heck, yeah. I mean, that seems like a classic story of like, music or art in general, is, I mean, it’s hard for people to believe, like, are you really gonna do that? And you’re like, Yeah, I’m gonna work my off and I’m gonna, I’m going to do this, because I’m telling you that I’m gonna do it, and we’re gonna just work towards it, making it happening. Yeah, happen. I was gonna ask, what, what makes this one so special? But I think, I think he kind of just explained it, oh,

like, through all of the different setbacks and everything, we still made it. I think that’s what makes it so special. Like, we put out an EP not too long after I joined the band, actually, and that one, in a weird way was, like, very seamless. Like, it just kind of came out, not to say that, like, we don’t like that EP or anything, but that was very different. That one came very easily. This one came through a lot of struggle, and I think that’s what makes this one a little bit more special for us.

Awesome. I’m sure we’ll be able to hear it, and definitely in, like, the podcast notes and everything. We’re gonna have a link so that people can go right to this week. So yeah, you guys will hopefully get plenty of new fans. I’m confident from this put

in the comments what your favorite song is, please. Yeah, I know I would

be okay. So we’ve reached a moment in the show. We’re gonna do the rapid fire section. Do here. We are

ready for rapid fire.

I intentionally don’t give you any we don’t talk about it. I don’t send questions before screw all that. I want you to be like, Oh, what’s coming? So obviously, rapid fire, you can take as long as you want.

Where’s your timer, bro, I need a little sandy thingy. The little sand you want to trade off

Jordan. You do one, I’ll do another. We’ll go back and forth. Yeah, whatever. All right, you take the first one then, well, I

want to hear both your answer.

You’re still going first though, what do we answer? So I could think, yeah, right.

It depends on who needs to think longer about it. Okay, so first one is, what’s your biggest source of inspiration.

He mentioned it already, but Bayside is definitely up in the top

that you mean, like life or like musical I needed that was a product question, man, I was like, I was starting to think about my life, but sorry, yeah, I would say Mayday Parade.

Can we start over?

That wasn’t like an edit. Just stop talking. I

just wasn’t sure I was about to be like, yo. So like, I find a lot of inspiration in my life. And like, you know, the struggles of me and my friends and that I see? Well, no, that’s it. So there you go. Not rapid fire, but that was my answer. I

guess biggest inspiration is Mountain Dew.

That’s perfect. All right, not that was just a tester winner. That

was our warm up question.

All right, what about your favorite book?

Oh, I can’t read. Oh, no, I’m dyslexic. It’s hard. I don’t read. I’m sorry.

I only read comic books, but I’ll go with ultimate Spider Man, sure.

Ultimate Spider Man, all right, if I had to name one a brave new world, that was probably one of the last books that I read from beginning to end that was really, really good. Noted, messed up, but like a good book at the same time. Okay,

good deal. Well, this one maybe from the source of inspiration. You’ve already hit it. But usually it’s not a musical guest on the show, although we’re gonna have plenty of bands on here. It’s which is cool, but what’s your favorite musical artist slash album? Ooh, I know it’s like,

kind of warm up. And now I have a better answer. Okay, go first. No, no, I’m now I’m thinking, musical album like, you want it separate or that to be the same, band doesn’t have to be probably one of the biggest, like ambitions like made me want to be more ambitious. This band called The Deer Hunter, and the Act Four of the deer hunter, it’s just one of the greatest albums I’ve ever heard in my life. And I’m just like, man, one day I want to write music that big and ambitious, and all the strings, all the piano, all the vocals, all the transitions from songs to song, they’re just

that whole album is like a magnum opus. It’s so good, yeah, I would say lies for the Liars by the used. Oh my God, that’s massive fan.

Good album. I love it. So they nailed it. They caught this vibe that you can’t reproduce. I don’t know what that is, but every time I put that on, I’m like, transported.

I can’t skip a single song on that album. Every time I hear it, I like, I’ll put one song on. I’m like, All right, well, now I have to listen to the rest of it. Like, don’t, let don’t talk to me. I’m in my like, enclosure right now I’m having enrichment time.

Oh man, I’m glad that I resonate so fully with both of those answers. So so good answers. Thank you. You won. You won. Rapid fire, Jordan has your prizes over there. They’re a pen,

a hack, drink beer and a pen,

take a picture with the pen. How do you define success?

I would say just being proud of the product that you’ve put

out. Lack of a better word. Yeah, personal fulfillment. So same mother.

Love it. Love it. For musicians, usually I ask, What’s your favorite business tool. However, what’s your favorite instrument?

I really thought he was gonna say something drums. Probably, yeah, you are very drum minded. For somebody that does not play drums at all,

that’s the correct answer

for me. It’s bass. I started out as a bassist, so

I mean, there are instruments that we play, Yeah, isn’t

that funny? I when I wrote that question, I was like, I wonder if they’re gonna both say different instruments than they actually play. Yeah, but I have seen you play bass, and the first time I saw you play bass, it was at crowbar, and it was for a Halloween show, and you were wearing a scream mask, yep, and I didn’t know you always wore gloves. I just thought it was for that show. That

was the first time I’d ever done it. Oh, I wore it for the costume. And was like, Wait, this feels so right. And have started doing it ever since. This is

unique. But I was like, oh, maybe there’s something to that. But it’s funny because I didn’t know who I hadn’t seen that band. What’s that band?

Mortal sons,

there you go. And and I was like, Damn, that bass player. No joke. I was like, That bass player is getting it. And then after the show, I saw you take off the mask of like, Oh my god. It was so cool. I was like, No way. He’s a great guitarist, and he’s playing bass in another van. I was, I was super duper impressed. Thank you so much. Yeah, so that was, that was so cool. But that band is cool too, man. You guys catch a very particular vibe. It’s

very niche, yeah, spooky, heavy jazz, yeah,

I think it’s very fun. It’s really cool. Just goes to show like,

love the mortal boys. Make it a proper shout out.

Oh, thanks for the shout out, Lewis, yeah,

but it really isn’t like another confirm that I agreed. I didn’t want people to be like, is he just sitting there and silence me? Like, shaking his head.

Steven’s talking about another band on our podcast.

What do you love doing outside of music.

I like movies and video games a lot. They’re very fulfilling, both intellectually and for me, and I don’t know, they add a lot of creativity into my music, and they also have me relax, because I’m always working on stuff, but they are. It’s weird, because that’s the beauty of both movies and or, like whatever you want to call movie, TV shows and video games. They can either as an art form. They can either make you think more than you ever thought about anything before. They can completely just wind you down and relax. So that’s what I do with a lot of my spare time when I’m not working on band stuff or booking stuff, I just try to do that, and I love it. I’m happy that my girlfriend isn’t one of those people that’s like, you play too many games. I’m like, this is all. I got

to have a girlfriend supportive of you in music, and then like your other time. I mean, that’s something special, and that’s honestly a big piece of the puzzle is to have supportive, you know, people behind you for these endeavors. So, but you had also mentioned your booking. You want to plug your your booking?

Let’s do it. So, yeah, I book a lot locally in Tampa, but I’m really trying to spread out more central Florida and try to book for more specific bands that I really want to help out, but companies called Healthy Phoenix, but then we’re also, I’m also going to transition into more of like a management thing, like I’m saying still book shows locally, but more concentrate on bands that I really like, like Mortal sons, or, you know, pm Tiger, my friends in Holly Glen, and Try to see how we can all help each other and tighten the connections and create more of the community and the facades of management, but it really is just us hanging out and sharing our knowledge and sharing our ideas and how we can all help grow each other. Love it. Yeah,

I also play video games. That’s my big outlet. I

wonder why you guys get along.

I know, right, it’s crazy. Now video games, in a weird way, it’s like, you know, being a musician, you’re like a normal person by day, and then like a like a superhero at night, you know, like your whole different persona. And I think video games give you that same satisfaction getting to be somebody you aren’t normally. And it’s kind of like a similar kind of, like, it’s your scratch and sort of thing. That’s, that’s my way of justifying that I play too many video games. Mom,

there’s something to it that’s clear.

There’s studies. Mom, video games are good for you, just don’t sit too close to the TV. You’re right. I’ll get a giant screen TV. Mom,

I’ll take my VR heads and all the TVs are literally like old, older generations, like you

guys, but exactly what I told you not to do, yeah, exactly yeah.

Okay. What does discord theory look like in five to 10 years? I kind of talk about your future goals. Curious as we wind down

national international tours, yeah,

this, that’s our full time job. Like, we get to make money and support ourselves with that craft, solely Awesome.

Yeah, that’s the dream. Yeah, that’s

it. Even though we have some kind of, like, side jobs, like I continue doing booking stuff and Steven teachers and that kind of stuff. Because even, like bigger musicians outside hustles, but like, the main thing is, like the band, and then everything else is like, to the side. You know what? I mean, absolutely, that’s the definitely, the goal,

for sure. Okay, last question before I’m going to ask you guys to play a couple songs for us, but, yes, special. But I wanted to give some people, although there’s been plenty of advice throughout this, but what’s like, one tangible piece of advice that each of you would tell someone listening, let

me, let me clarify your question a little bit. Is this still pertaining to music or just like, general advice? So I would say, like, do your taxes.

Okay, so that’s. General and, yeah, if someone wants to be a musician, or, you know, be in a band, they’re just not sure. That’s a lot of people. Man, I get it all the time, like, Oh, I’m not creative. Oh, I could never play guitar. And it’s like, well, you could, if you put in the hours and the work, the

only person in your way is you. That’s like, it seems so vague, but in any form of the arts, like, your biggest critic is you. Like, your biggest source of inspiration is you at the end of the day by how you perceive your surroundings and everything like that. So you’re at the same time your biggest asset and your biggest detriment. Try not to let that get in the way. Stay determined. Stay focused. Like yes, you’re gonna get unfocused and be sidetracked all the time. That’s just what it’s like to be human. But at the end of the day, as long as you just stay devoted and dedicated to your craft, whatever you want to achieve with it, you will get there.

I would say, take time to find your voice, whether is that you’re a little singer or you’re talking about the message that you’re trying to portray through your art. For me personally, like I used to I like a lot of like, pop punk and post art core and all those guys sing super duper freaking high all the time. And I used to always try to sing like that, and think, like, I couldn’t sing and stuff, but then, like, I got into different styles of music, or just started experimenting with my vocal tones a lot more, and really found something that not only I think it’s unique and people really seem to like, but that I I like to, you know, not I don’t feel any self conscious. I mean, always trying to push myself into even weirder stuff, honestly, but uh, or even if you’re trying to say that through musically, a lot of people feel like sometimes I reach in a little bit too much in a lot of spaces, but definitely try to hone in what’s working for you and find your strengths and then use those you know, doesn’t mean don’t get to experiment, but you know, just find what your strengths are and put those at the forefront of what you do.

Oh, man, that is solid advice. I’m going to leave it there. I You guys are going to play a couple of songs, but before that, because we’re going to end the show on that. But I just wanted to thank you guys for being a source of inspiration for me. No joke, honored to be friends of yours and be inspired by you like consistently. I love to be able to just pop you on. I listen to you guys all the way down here to this spot, and it’s just like, every song, I’m just like, banger. I’m just like, it’s so great. So I just can’t thank you enough for doing what you do, for being my friend, for coming on the show. It means a lot,

dude, thanks for hosting such an awesome podcast and highlighting other people within our community, like without people like you, people like us wouldn’t be able to reach out to more people. So I mean, like, where it’s all mutually beneficial at the end of the day, and you are the man,

you’re the sweetest, my dude, it’s been a pleasure rocking out with you and being part of projects with you throughout the years. Like even when you were talking about your base friend, it’s like you never know someone who you might have worked with in some way, where they’re gonna be and how you can all work together towards something bigger. So I’m glad that we’re still doing that kind of stuff till this day, too. Man, love you. Guys. Love you too. What’s up, guys? We’re at discord theory, and this song is called tidal wave. You

Me, If only I could make you see I do it like it’s never been done before. I’m saying things that they have reached from the bottom of my heart, and everything that I will set you that something wasn’t clear in my tone, in my speech, but I digress, we arrange your words that might ignite some trustworthy,

awkward voice with motivation you

I hear the tapping of feet just when I thought I was done for and suddenly they started To sing the words from my mouth and tension to the beats. If you ever felt like you’ve been labeled and now God said the tree, let it go, join riding boy, you just dream that you’re the child. The wave that made its way to show that just where You’re made of and

they will run with aspiration you

I’m wasting my talents. Go back to school. Maybe you’ll be better there with the cool blue fish and generous So what now I use my job at what would you to try and inspire them, even us, have a drink of our sleeves. You.

Where am I now? I’ve lost my way. I keep reverting to the shade of reputation to ever break the chains, but if I make it out alive, make you proud by building monuments, and if I die, my last breath will be whispering your name

as if I’d ever speak the fridge. Till then we’ll be okay. So go, oh, show them just who we’re made of with no remorse. You.

With no remorse, will destroy with assuration. You.

All right, we’ve got another one for you guys. This one’s called Call of destiny. You

and are You doing okay? You’re acting up and manic. How’d you look? And tragic? You look like you’ve had it. There’s one thing you should know, no matter how much darkness, the richest that can light their seed in their Iris, even

though they seem so hard zombies, I promise there’s a way off the shore, end away from where we’ve been, because I got

There’s something I should tell you. I can’t believe this happened. Is this force of magic, or am I being dramatic? There’s one thing that I know, no matter how we got here, it doesn’t make a difference. Pass rusher as your logic,

even though we’re worlds apart zombies, the stars will guide my way pass the sea towards the coast of your embrace.

And leading to rest when You see our lives, oh,

oh, I know who survived this rain. I’ll sail to you.

Call me dash. This

is Removing guys,

crush, Oh, you.

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